Maiden Dixie Releases Video For “The Whiskey’ll Miss Me
Maiden Dixie has released the thought provoking video for “The Whiskey’ll Miss Me,” the first single release from Wrecked. “This isn’t your happy- go-lucky drinking beer on a tailgate at a bonfire music video. The song, written by Channing and Jon along with Graham Becker, is a tough look at the dark side of the drinking game. It has affected all of our lives in some way and in the video we explore lyrically and visually how that can end up. We really hope that this expands the awareness of addiction problems and we encourage people to either get help or to help loved ones that need it,” says the band’s Andrew Sherman.
Peter Doucette (who also directed the music video for the band’s punk alter ego Mayden Dixie that splashed across social media on April 1) directed the video. The single is available on iTunes beginning Tuesday, April 5, with the full EP set for a digital release on April 22.
Maiden Dixie