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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today’s digital world has caused drastic changes in the philosophy and methodology of the music business. Long gone are the days of a record executive hearing an act and deciding the artist is star material worth investing/gambling millions of corporate dollars in artist development. The artist who goes out and records a three-song demo and expects that to be enough to land a major label recording contract is the artist who will be left behind.

One very positive aspect of digital’s impact on today’s music business is that it has given independent labels more opportunity for success. The indie label or artist that sells downloads in excess of 100,000 can attract outside investors or partnership offers that can bring extra operating capital to the label or result in a hybrid deal with a major label bringing their radio promotion, marketing and distribution clout to the table while the indie still maintains some level of creative freedom.

Creating great music is only half of the equation; the other half is why it’s called the music ‘business’ and as an independent artist you have to know how to market and promote yourself. Radio promotion is the single most important factor in any plan to expose music to the record buying public. If done effectively it can mean all the difference to a project.

All-too-often clients contact CDX Nashville about using our services to get their music to radio but they don’t have a radio promotion or a consumer marketing plan in place. To get your music played on the radio, you not only have to distribute it to them but promote it to them as well – you have to cut yourself out of the herd to be….heard.

The two main ways to do radio promotion is DIY or hire an independent radio promotion team. DIY requires a great deal of knowledge and time on your part; among other things, you have to know the nuances about when, how and who to contact at radio.

Hiring a radio promotion team is often what independent artists do if they have the funding. Hiring a team isn’t cheap – it can run into the thousands – and also requires knowledge on the part of the artist. To maximize your money and the efforts of your independent promoter you need a basic understanding of how radio promotion works.

So you record a great song, you use CDX and our 25 years of experience and name recognition to service it to radio for you, you set up a solid DIY radio promotion plan or you hire (and oversee) a reputable independent promoter to take advantage of their knowledge and contacts at radio…what’s next? Consumer marketing which is made all-the-more easy today with that great invention called the World Wide Web!!

The main part of consumer marketing today for an independent artist is Social Media. Social Media has opened the flood gates of access to music lovers like never before. A smart, cohesive Social Media strategy can propel an artist’s career forward by helping them connect and engage with new fans and generate revenue in new and unique ways. Note we said smart and cohesive; each of the main Social Media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., have intricate and ever-changing rules about how to best use their service. Talk about nuance, did you know that how you title your YouTube video has a huge impact on how it is found in searches on their site?

Other important aspects of an artist’s career is either developing their own contacts at clubs and festivals so they can book gigs or find the right booking agent to do that for you.

The same goes for publicity – you either DIY or hire a publicist and pay them to use their contacts to get you media coverage.

Obviously, all the above is just hitting the high notes; there are entire books written and classes given on how to make it in the music industry. We hope, though, that some of the information we shared is of help to you.

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