Ashley Gearing recently joined Team CDX Nashville in our offices for a live performance of some of the tracks off her self-titled debut EP. During Ashley’s visit, the team learned quite a bit about the Curb Records artist with the sunshiny disposition, strong work ethic, and tremendous talent. Perhaps the most important thing CDX Nashville realized during Ashley’s time with us was behind a beautiful voice lies a beautiful soul; and when the two are combined, a force with which to be reckoned is born.

Ashley’s debut offering contains six tracks, including her first single “Train Track,” and can best be described as an honest portrayal of a young woman who is learning her way day by day and is learning more about herself as the moments pass. Whether she is confidently stating that she won’t let somebody walk all over her or is admitting defeat at the glimpse of another’s smile, Ashley adequately covers all the bases of being a heart-driven woman with her sights set on always becoming a better version of herself.

Although all six tracks are vastly different from each other, there are standout cuts on the disc that will become fast listener favorites. Ashley’s first single, “Train Track,” is a perfect introduction of the new country artist to the genre, embracing a slow to mid-tempo beat and exuding girl power as she puts her foot down and picks her head up, boasting she will not be a penny on someone’s train track. Poised for country radio, the song is catchy and crafty, using clever imagery to paint a picture of a girl who is ready to move on and take the high road.

Another highlight on the EP is “Love Can Go to Hell,” the slowest of the tracks and the most vulnerable of Ashley’s collection. Intelligently twisting the title of the song to capture two different mentalities — the thought that love can rise and fall so fast and that love is an unnecessary burden — Ashley croons from a place of deep-rooted pain that is made evident with every lyric of the tune. An immediate departure from the fast-paced track which precedes it (“Your Smile”), Ashley uses this moving ballad to round out her abilities and prove that she is capable of conquering songs across all topics and tempos, making her a true contender in today’s radio race.

Fans of Ashley Gearing will most closely identify with the EP’s final track, “Human,” an honest musical interpretation of the faults, flaws, and beauties of the human race, and understanding the importance of accepting everybody’s differences. Also obvious on this track is Ashley’s broad vocal range, passionate and precise, primed for a top notch spot on radio playlists across the genre.

Check out Ashley Gearing’s self-titled EP by clicking here. What’s your favorite track? Let us know by tweeting us @CDXNashville!