Average Joes Entertainment and Suburban Noize Records Team Up to Release New Album From California Country Hip-Hop Group The Moonshine Bandits

Nashville-based Average Joes Entertainment and Burbank-based Suburban Noize Records have entered into a joint venture to release The Moonshine Bandits’ new album on AJE’s imprint, BackRoad Records, in early 2014.  Currently in the studio completing the new project, the band’s rowdy live show and unique west coast country hip-hop sound is rapidly reaching beyond their regional boundaries. “California Country,” the lead single from the new album, is scheduled for this fall (#calicountry).
“Moonshine Bandits’ sound is beginning to resonate up and down the west coast, and they have established themselves firmly as a brand to be reckoned with,” commented BackRoad Records/AJE CEO, Shannon Houchins. “We’re excited about engaging the “Shiner Nation,” and about teaming up with a hugely successful indie powerhouse like Surburban Noize.”
“Joining forces with Average Joes Entertainment on the Moonshine Bandits is the perfect fit,” said Suburban Noize president Kevin Zinger. “Our businesses were built the same – from the ground up – and everyone is excited about growing the Moonshine Bandits within the BackRoad Records family. The Shiner Nation, Average Joes, Moonshine Bandits, and Suburban Noize are all grassroots and do-it-yourself movements that were built on hard work. Working together on this project will not only be a blast but will take the Moonshine Bandits music to a far bigger audience.”

“Average Joes Entertainment and Surburban Noize are surfacing as two of the most successful independent labels to breakthrough over the past ten years,” commented the Moonshine Bandits’ Big Tex. “We’re extremely excited to work with such an exceptional team and to get new music out to our fans. We are excited to bring our style of Cali Country to the masses and continue to raise hell making our own brand of music that has no boundaries.”

Describing themselves as “blue collar, built with American pride,” Moonshine Bandits joins the BackRoad Records’ family of artists with an already well-established fan base. In addition, their annual outdoor festival, “Shinerfest,” has become a summertime destination for legions of “Shiners” attracting thousands to the Northern California event.
About Moonshine Bandits

Since the release of their genre-blending album, “Whiskey & Women,” California-based Moonshine Bandits have taken the world of outlaw music by storm. The group’s blue-collar work ethic and unwavering persistence has lead to over 9 million views on the ShinerTV YouTube channel – collectively over 10 million views on YouTube – while their video for “My Kind of Country” peaked at #1 on CMT. Connecting with fans on all levels, the Moonshine Bandits have built a solid “Shiner Nation” of loyal fans, developed their own brand of Shiner Barbeque Seasoning, Beef Jerky and legal Moonshine (sold up and down the west coast). They also host “Shinerfest,” an outdoor festival in Northern California. www.moonshinebandits.com
About BackRoad Records
BackRoad Records is an imprint of Nashville-based Average Joes Entertainment, home to country artists Colt Ford, LoCash Cowboys, Montgomery Gentry, JB and the Moonshine Band, and others.  BackRoad Records’ roster includes Demun Jones, Bubba Sparxxx, The LACS, Lenny Cooper, Charley Farley, Daniel Lee and the Mud Digger Compilation series. The label focuses on a grassroots approach, availability of product, and cross-promotional opportunities that expand artist visibility.  For more information on BackRoad Records, visit www.backroadrecords.net
About Suburban Noize
Suburban Noize Records Inc, is an independent record label, located in Southern California that has carved out a unique space in the underground music market over the past 15 years. During that time, Suburban Noize has grown into an independent powerhouse that has sold over 3 million records, had more than 30 releases chart on the Billboard Top 200, and they have even had the #1 independent album in the country. Most recently, the label helped Madchild debut at #2 on the Canadian Billboard Top 200, earning him the second highest selling release in Canada the week it hit stores. As the music industry continues to evolve, Suburban Noize is consistently seeking out new opportunities for their growing roster of artists, while identifying new ways to market to our existing fans and new fans. www.suburbannoizerecords.com

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