Vol. 21 – Love Light

—–Every now and then, someone will ask about the ‘Singing Cardiologist.” That would happen to be none other than Louisiana born Cleve Francis – who stepped away from his medical career in the 1980s to sign with Playback Records.


In 1990, his video for “Love Light” started to get an unusually high amount of airplay on CMT – for an independent artist, and Francis was soon on the road. He inked a deal with Jimmy Bowen and Liberty, releasing a trio of discs for the label. Though he hasn’t released a single to radio since the mid-90s, Francis is still out there. Check out his website, www.CleveFrancis.com for more information. And, for the sake of trivia, do you know who originally recorded “Love Light?” It was none other than Glen Campbell. It was the “flip side” (wow, there’s a term you don’t hear anymore!) of a tune called “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

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