CDX 570 contains some very powerful releases, and also reminds us about how the music business has changed over the past few years. There are many artists out there recording some top notch music – on independent labels. Indies have always been around, but the playing field does seem a little more level than ever before. Let’s dig in!

The CDX Jewel of the Disc belongs to the fabulous new single from Trace Adkins and Colbie Caillat. It’s one of Trace’s most romantic singles that he has put out, and it’s definitely a switch from some of his more uptempo fare as of late. He has always had a way with a ballad, and this might be one of his best.

GOODBYE TOWN – Lady Antebellum
The trio’s new disc is titled Golden, and with great reason. They have definitely kicked it up a notch, and their new single reflects this. The dramatic arrangement gives Charles Kelley a chance to shine as never before, and the closing chorus brings to mind 80s Pop / Rock. A gem.

Hard to believe it’s approaching three decades since Sawyer Brown made their first chart appearance. On their new single, Mark Miller sounds like time has stood still, as this record could fit quite nicely between “The Race is On” and “Cafe On The Corner.” Welcome back!

THAT’S COUNTRY – Tobacco Rd Band featuring Colt Ford
Summer is just around the corner, and spicin’ up your playlist with this fresh and lively toe-tapper that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Ford adds his usual raucous touch on this one. Sometimes, you just need to have a little fun!

There’s something about this track. Sure, Byron Gallimore and Tim McGraw being listed as co-producers helps, but vocally, Bradley is different….enough to be huge!

And, the CDX “Hidden Jewel” of the Disc goes to one of our favorite, former “Voice” contestant Gwen Sebastian, and her addicting new single “Suitcase.” Sebastian has raised her game so much over the years, and this single proves that she is on the right track with the incomparable Sheila Shipley Biddy at Flying Island. The production is crisp, and while retaining her usual bubbly persona – she plays bitter rather well……A hit!


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