CDX is your marketing partner

It’s been while since I talked about the benefits of working with CDX so please indulge me for just a minute.

Not only is CDX the most comprehensive way to get in front of radio and industry decision makers by sending them your music by digital, mobile and hard copy CD delivery, we have evolved into marketing partners for our clients as well.

Working with CDX gets you the following multiple impressions to radio:

  • Digital delivery of singles via our proprietary InstaTrack downloading system
  • Inclusion on the hard copy CD (PDs still like to pop it in their car and listen while they drive)
  • On day of hard copy CD shipment we blast out again for download the entire song list on the CD being sent♦Each single is also blasted out on our phone app
  • We host and record artist performance visits at our office and include those on our highly visited CDX homepage
  • Any client press released are posted on our site which gets over 5000 hits a month from radio and industry personnel
  • We service artist liners to radio

We service ALL US country radio stations – including the reporters. Additionally, we service:♦300 Classic Country and variety stations who play “some country”

  • Major internet radio stations, programming services and satellite companies
  • Trade magazines and country radio programming consultants
  • Record companies, publishing companies, booking agencies and music industry professionals
  • Through a partnership with the Country Music Association we service the CMA International member DJ’s/presenters throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Additionally, we have really stepped up our social media game on behalf of our artist clients. Whenever an artist or their rep sends us newsworthy items such as press releases, pictures at radio or on the road doing promotional work, we run these items through our social media paces.  We have close working relationships with our followers and this, in turn, multiplies the reach of each social media post we do on behalf of our artist and label clients.

We now feature our in-office artist performance visits on our Periscope channel and support them with surrounding promotion on Twitter, FB and Instagram.

CDX is here to help our artist and label partners in any way we can; we are here to be not just your only full-service country radio distribution resource, we are your marketing partner as well.

If we haven’t been in contact recently, please give me a call or shoot me an email and allow me to update you on what all has been going on here at CDX HQ and to tell you about some exciting things we have planned for this fall.  Really exciting things.

Stay tuned,