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CDX Nashville Volume 630 is making its way around the nation to country music radio stations everywhere. Included on the disc are a handful of Number 1 artists; one of country music’s “it girls”; a YouTube sensation; a crossover phenomenon; and several newcomers making their way to the forefront of the industry. Needless to say, Volume 630 is not lacking in the diversity department and contains many soon-to-be radio hits!

Brothers Osborne – “21 Summer”

John and TJ Osborne are coming off a Number 1 hit with “Stay A Little Longer“, and the brotherly duo is ready to make another run for the top of the chart. With their typically deep, booming, and intertwining vocals, the Brothers Osborne slow it down a bit with “21 Summer” as they reminisce about a life-changing summer in a life-altering relationship. The UMG Nashville pair should keep its celebratory favors out from the last party because “21 Summer” will certainly heat up radio waves.

Sam Hunt – “Make You Miss Me”

It is about time this Montevallo track found its way to radio! The fifth of the album’s songs to become a single, the rhythmic country tune further proves that Sam Hunt is a force in the industry. Following hit after hit after hit from the full-length offering, “Make You Miss Me” is another R&B-inspired song that demonstrates Hunt’s trendsetting abilities and outside the box creativity, as well as his charismatic vocals that have won over the hearts of country music fans. Get ready for your next radio success story, Team Hunt.

Jana Kramer – “Said No One Ever”

Jana Kramer just experienced her second Top 5 radio hit with “I Got the Boy” off Thirty One, and now she is back with a tongue-in-cheek tune about the things you are least likely to hear people say. The track fans were begging to hear blast through their speakers shows that the Warner Music Nashville songstress and actress has the potential to take on an uptempo tune with sass and personality, just as well as she’s been able to sell a ballad to radio. Can Kramer continue her play toward the top of the radio chart with “Said No One Ever”? “Nope!” … said no one ever!

Kane Brown – “Used to Love You Sober”

From YouTube to Sony Music Nashville‘s RCA division, Kane Brown has graduated from Internet fame to the big stage. “Used to Love You Sober” is Brown’s first release under a major label (as a re-release) and, before even hitting radio, has sold in upwards of 200,000 copies. The heartbreaking tune, penned by Brown, Josh Hoge, and Matt McVaney, is about losing a love and having to rely on a regimen of alcohol and realizations to get through the pain. With an already built-in fan base of avid supporters, radio should prepare itself for an influx of requests for this song that will likely serve as Brown’s breakout mega hit.

Cyndi Lauper – “Funnel of Love”

Oh yes, girls certainly do just wanna have fun, and that’s exactly what Cyndi Lauper’s country music single will provide. With Austin Powers-esque music behind quirky vocals transported from the eighties, Lauper embraces her past as she paves the way to her future. One thing is certain about “Funnel of Love” and the Sire Records release — history and curiosity will carry the track a long way and will funnel it right toward the top of radio station playlists.

Cyndi Lauper – “Heartaches By the Number”

Startlingly different than its partner in Lauper releases, “Heartaches By the Number” is about as country as a pop sensation can get. Channeling a traditional sound, complete with twangs and “strangs”, Lauper proves that she is a versatile artist time after time. This song has the ability to rope in country purists and give them a taste of something that has been missing from mainstream stations for quite some time, and that could very well be enough to give Lauper a push upward in regard to radio play charts.

Lonestar – “Never Enders”

Does Lonestar ever disappoint? The answer should be a resounding “no”. With a reliable sound and identifiable vocals, the acclaimed group returns with “Never Enders”, and longtime fans will celebrate the release of a new single that will remind them of Lonestar past. Perhaps aimed toward the country music world and letting it know the iconic male group is here to stay, “Never Enders” sends a message of relentlessness, belief, and the promise of forever. Guys, we are holding you to this guarantee of “never ending” because there should always be a place in music for talent like yours!

Dennie Hall – “Different Just the Same”

Sometimes a newcomer strikes you immediately as he strikes a chord. That is what Dennie Hall’s “Different Just the Same” will do to listeners who truly allow themselves to get lost in the lyrics. With a song that sounds like a throwback to the earlier Collin Raye days, Hall emotionally and ironically sings of all the changes he has made, despite the fact that a former flame is still plaguing his every thought. Country radio and fans, give this one a listen — you might find the next track you’ll have on loop! We sure did!

Casey Donahew – “Feels This Right”

What do you get when you cross a slick lyric, electric guitar, fiddle, and slamming percussion? Casey Donahew’s new single “Feels This Right”. Wrapping its arms around modern-day country music, Donahew combines a traditionalist sound with modern topics. The result is a quick moving earworm that reeks of radio potential!

Brian Collins – “Healing Highway”

In an honest approach to burning memories, Brian Collins burns rubber as he speeds away from heartache without looking back. “Healing Highway” couples music and an open road — a medication for pain that many country fans are often prescribed. An upbeat attempt to eliminate the past, rather than dwelling on the drive, Collins celebrates the freedom associated with tearing away. Herein lies a radio tune that will be one of your best friends as you, too, head down the highway toward something better.

Sierra Black – “Heart On Ice”

Singing of a relationship that hasn’t quite progressed to where she (or her mama) thinks it should be, the man who has Sierra Black’s heart on fire is able to burn the idea that things have come to a stand still with just one kiss. In fact, Black is so smitten by the man who hasn’t taken her to a Las Vegas little white chapel in a timely manner that she isn’t quite ready to freeze him out just yet. This Nevada girl will soon be heating up radio while putting her heart on ice.

Mike Smith – “Little Bit of Us”

On the flip side of the heartbreak song lies music producer turned artist Mike Smith and his classic country rock sounding “Little Bit of Us”. Smith’s new single takes the opposite angle from relying on something to get him through a breakup, and, instead, relies on a relationship to get him through the other tough stuff life throws his way. If radio stations are looking for a song that sounds like nothing else — lyrically and musically — “Little Bit of Us” will be generating a little bit of buzz.

Leslie Cours Mather – “That Was the Whiskey”

Some jazz piano and a whiskey-flavored scapegoat are the standout components of Leslie Cours Mather’s new single “That Was the Whiskey”. In true country music fashion, sometimes the liquor gets the best of us and we can’t be held accountable for what we did or said. So Mather’s story goes. If radio and fans are looking for a song that is simply a smile-inducing good time, look no further!

Listen to the CDX Nashville Volume 630 tracks available on Spotify: