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CDX Nashville Volume 632 is on its way to country music radio stations across the United States, and this volume is quite plentiful and purposeful. Garnering twenty-one tracks, Volume 632 contains many major label artists, No. 1 frequent flyers, independent game changers, and brand new faces. We are confident that this Volume will yield countless successes for the artists whose songs are included.

Easton Corbin – “Are You With Me”

The man who often draws comparisons to a younger George Strait is back with his next single on UMG Nashville, and this ballad is sure to make your heart melt. In “Are You With Me,” Easton Corbin begs the question if the woman he loves will be joining him for the adventures of a lifetime, and any lady would be hard pressed to answer in the negative. Not only will the females be swooning and agreeing to be with Corbin, but radio should be answering his question with an enthusiastic “yes!” as well.

Carrie Underwood – “Church Bells”

In her third single off the Storyteller album, Carrie Underwood returns to the reliable formula that has helped catapult her to unprecedented success. “Church Bells” is a heavy-hitting story song that tracks a fairy tale romance until it takes a dark turn, ultimately proving once again that you don’t lie to, cheat on, or mistreat Underwood. Fear not, Ms. Underwood; radio will do you right when it comes to ringing your “Church Bells” until it towers over its competition.

Charles Kelley – “Lonely Girl”

With an upbeat, promissory song that guarantees a certain girl will never be alone, Charles Kelley lets loose with a little dance groove that will be on the soundtrack to many people’s roadtrips this Spring. Taking on a sound that is polar opposite from his previous release, “The Driver,” Kelley proves that he is fully capable, as a currently solo artist, to up the ante by taking a chance and end up surrounded by support. In fact, it’s safe to say the only place Kelley will be lonely is at the top.

Kenny Chesney – “Noise”

Kenny Chesney spent some time teasing the release of his new single, “Noise,” and now, fans are making noise in response. True to the smooth, laid back feel to which Chesney fans have always been accustomed, the newest single from the king of the road and the radio is already clamoring up the airplay charts in a loud way. There is no doubt Chesney will continue to make noise with this one.

Michael Ray – “Think a Little Less”

Michael Ray is throwing caution to the wind in his third single, “Think a Little Less.” The slow, sexy track encourages people to lead with their hearts and check their heads at the door, in order to allow themselves to simply fall. The latest from this Warner Music Nashville No. 1 artist will be responsible for many late nights and many celebratory events for Ray and his label.

Keith Urban – “Wasted Time”

Keith Urban has released two No. 1 singles off his May 6 album Ripcord, and “Wasted Time” is the predicted third. Following the emotionally-driven ballad, “Break On Me,” this new single is a summery, light tune that reminisces on a carefree past that went by too quickly. Just as Urban and his friends were singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with the windows rolled down, country fans will be doing the same with “Wasted Time,” as they soak up the sun and cherish the moments.

Love and Theft – “Whiskey On My Breath”

Love and Theft’s “Whiskey On My Breath” first entered our lives in 2014, and now it’s entered radio waves to the country audience’s benefit. The song, which exemplifies perfect harmonies, shares an eye-opening message of self-awareness and self-forgiveness, leading to the ultimate goal of meeting Jesus face-to-face without still being under the spell of addiction. When it comes to songs like this — with so much talent behind the words and so much vulnerability behind the meaning — it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get to radio, as long as it gets there.

Ray Scott – “High Road”

The clever and witty Ray Scott is back with a traditional sounding track that embraces his unique artistry and personality. Though Scott is typically quite the funny man, his new single, “High Road,” explores a more introspective side and takes a deep look inside to figure out how to better himself. It’s time for radio to dial it back, find old souls in new artists, and add Scott to their playlists.

Jeff Bates – “That Thing We Do”

If you want to have a little musical fun, look no further than Jeff Bates’ “That Thing We Do.” The song makes you want to strap on your best pair of boots and hit the line dance floor, as it couples the traditional country strings with elements of swing and rock ‘n’ roll. Perhaps the most standout part of the whole track has nothing to do with the song itself, but the pure enjoyment you hear as Bates delivers the lyrics that instantaneously bring a smile to your face. Radio, take note! Your listeners will love you for this one!

Restless Heart – “Wichita Lineman”

Legendary band Restless Heart is headed to radio with a song that will take you back in time as the group honors Glen Campbell. A beautiful tribute to the ill artist that Restless Heart cites as one of their heroes, the track paints the picture that Jimmy Webb intended when he penned the song in 1968. “This song came about, really, from wondering what that was like, what it would be like to be working up on a telephone pole, and what would you be talking about?” It is exciting to know that a new generation of country music fans will be exposed to this song, its history, and the band that is reviving it.

Rachael Turner – “Aftershock”

Watch out world! The next strong female is about to emerge in the aftershock of the powerful resurgence that we have seen as of late. In the Blake Bollinger, Jennifer Denmark, and Kelsea Ballerini written song, Rachael Turner sings of the heartbreak that follows a lost love. With sentimental verses and explosive choruses, the track follows the formula of success when it comes to getting a ballad on radio, and stations would be remiss not to get this one playing … yesterday.

Parker Willingham – “All Over You”

This groovy country song speaks to a new relationship as two people learn about one another. Whether Parker Willingham is physically all over her or mentally all over everything she is saying and doing, he is falling for this new lady — and fast. While Willingham anticipates the direction of this romance, radio and country fans should, likewise, anticipate the rise of this particular track.

Benjy Gaither – “Get Enuff”

Break out your dancing shoes and get those feet tapping to Benjy Gaither’s country rockin’ “Get Enuff.” Listeners will find themselves snapping their fingers to the beat of the music and wanting to hit the hard wood floor when this one comes booming through their speakers. If you are ready for a great time and a good laugh, Gaither has both for you wrapped up in this musical package.

Jon & Angela – “Livin’ On a Lake”

This married duo will hit you right in the heart when you spend a little time with them. They’ll also appeal directly to your ears with their harmonies in their new single “Livin’ On a Lake.” The summer-appropriate song will entice listeners to go spend a little time on the water, free from the burdens of every day life, while enjoying some great tunes. Add this one to your warm weather lists, radio friends! Your listeners will thank you!

Anthony K – “Marry Me”

Take note, guys: If you are a singer/songwriter/musician and want to win the game of “Forever,” study Anthony K’s tactics. No woman is going to say “no” when you have written her a song to propose and can perform it perfectly yourself. While we are pretty sure Anthony K already hit the romantic jackpot, he’ll hit the musical one, as well, with this tune. Not only will country music fans be appreciative, but those who have been fumbling for that perfect proposal idea will be too!

Ward Davis – “No Goin’ Home”

Can you beat a song that opens with rip-roaring harmonica? The answer is a contingent “yes” – only if Ward Davis is the voice that follows the introduction. Channeling his inner Hank Williams, Jr., Davis croons the song about not being able to go home once you’re already too far gone. We cannot say it enough — country music needs to tap back into its roots and Davis is an artist who can lead the way! “No Goin’ Home” is a glowing example of what this distinguished artist has to offer.

Southern Halo – “Rewind”

The sister trio of Natalia, Christina, and Hannah Morris is releasing its sophomore single, “Rewind,” following a bout of success with “Little White Dress.” The second release celebrates reuniting with a loved one and doing the simple things together, including hitting rewind on the soundtrack of their love. As always evident in a Southern Halo song, the harmonies are flawless, making us envious that we didn’t get a sliver of the Morris DNA. We anticipate great radio success to follow that which the group’s debut yielded.

Donovan Lee – “She Stays”

In a “Chris Stapleton for President” era, the gritty and raw Donovan Lee can easily gain citizenship based on “She Stays.” The song that questions how a woman can stay through all the ups and downs, only to learn that her loyalty makes her “the one,” shows off Lee’s powerfully raspy, gravelly vocals that add an element of rock to his country tunes. The release of “She Stays” could not have come at a better time for Lee, radio, and fans of the genre.

Homegrown Band – “Summer Song”

Pack up, head out to the country, drop the tailgate, and enjoy the summer breeze. While you do all that, Homegrown Band’s “Summer Song” will be cranking from the stereo on repeat. A light-hearted song created to be the leading track on our fun-in-the-sun playlists, the Homegrown Band reminds us that it is okay to kick back and just enjoy a good time and great music. Roll the windows down when this one blasts through your speakers, and it will blast through your speakers.

Maiden Dixie – “The Whiskey’ll Miss Me”

In this haunting tune about the dark side of the drinking game, Maiden Dixie explores how hard it is to let go of the demons that dictate your life while the sickness is playing an active role. The band sings of the internal bargaining that goes on at the time someone is trying to work through the realities of their self-destruction, ultimately rationalizing that moving forward would be easy, but for the fear the whiskey will miss them. This beautifully-penned track and powerful message should not go unnoticed.

Reagan Johnson – “There’s Only One”

With youthful energy and wishfulness, Reagan Johnson encourages listeners to open their hearts and love with everything they have. In this promise that a total giving of one’s self is the best way to guarantee the same in return, Johnson ends CDX Volume 632 with an abundance of positivity, optimism, and leaves us with smiles plastered to our faces. Who could ask for more from a song on the radio?

Listen to the CDX Nashville Volume 632 tracks available on Spotify: