Technically, it’s been fall for over a month. The calendar tells us that. However, this weekend, the temperature are going to be very Autumn-like. Heck, for that matter, call it winter. In a sense, it’s kind of symbolic. After all, CDX has just released Volume 607 – which is chock full of songs for the Yuletide season. I didn’t know Joe Kelly had that much control over the weather. But, I digress! There are a few great new songs on the disc that will be played through the Christmas season – and beyond….Let’s take a look…..

The “Jewel” of CDX 607 belongs to a guy who has become one of our favorites around here as of late – Cole Swindell. He’s on top of the world as both a singer and a songwriter, and his latest, “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey,” definitely qualifies as his best single yet. Who knows, he just might have to be working on an acceptance speech for the CMA Awards next week…..Definitely within the realm of possibility.

Other standout tracks on CDX 607 include……

“Drunk Americans” is the new single from Toby Keith. Turning to the songwriting machine of Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, the record is sharp, snappy, and witty, and should see a return to the top-five for one of the format’s most dependable stars – and, the song mentions the Dallas Cowboys! You’ve got to admire that!

James Otto carved out quite the reputation as the balladeer behind hits such as “Just Got Started Lovin’ You,” and he returns with the peppy “Somewhere Tonight,” which should make his fans very happy. It’s got the bounce and the pep – a definite hit to be. Welcome back, James!

Remember Tate Stevens from “The X-Factor?” Well, he’s back with the fun and flirtatious “Better At Night.” Give this one a shot. We think you’ll like it….a lot!

And, the “Hidden Gem” of 607 belongs to Georgia native Ricky Gunn with a song that will bring back a memory to many of you – “King Of This Town.” While the beat and the production are very contemporary and fresh, the lyrics of this one will undoubtedly take you back in time. And, he’s got the vocal chops, too….One to watch!

So, it might be a good weekend to pull out those jackets and coats….and start your Christmas shopping. Wow, did I really write that? I guess I did!