Well, the calendar does not lie! Next week is the event we all look forward to known as Country Radio Seminar. On behalf of everyone at CDX, we welcome you to Nashville, and please….please….bring some warm weather with you. We are in need of it, we promise you! As the labels get geared up for next week, they are releasing some of their top material. In fact, we almost thought of listing the “Jewel” of 588 as a tie – Easton Corbin and Gloriana both have excellent new singles out, but you can only choose one….So, the “Jewel” of 588 belongs to….

Gloriana – “Best Night Ever” – Spend any amount of time with this trio, and you will be bowled over with their undeniable amount of charm and energy. That being said, it wouldn’t matter if the music wasn’t there, and this single is “there” and then some. It’s a lively romp that should very well be one of the most played records on Country Radio this spring, and deservedly so!

Other top moments on 588 include…

Easton Corbin – “Clockwork” – This guy just keeps getting better and better, and he’s becoming more confident vocally with each album. We can’t wait to see what he has coming down the pike for album number three, but this should be a good barometer of that….

The Swon Brothers – “Later On” – A lot of energy, and a lot of fun. This debut release from the former participants of “The Voice” should very well get your toes tapping.

JJ Lawhon – ‘Good Old Boys Like Us” – I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I saw this title. I could hear the uptempo rocker about dirt roads, Bobbie Sue, Betty Lou before I listened to it. Then, I actually did listen to it. Very good, and deeper than I thought it would be. Lawhorn continues to grow as a vocalist, and this is proof….

And, the “Hidden Gem” of 588 belongs to the pride and joy of Lafayette, Indiana – Levi Riggs and “I’m Good.” This is a neat showcase for a talented guy who has a lot of potential to be one of this years’ breakout stories at CRS. Give it a listen, and get to know him next week. We think you’ll be glad you did!

Well, in the words of the legendary Cathy Baker, “That’s All” for this week. If you see Joe Kelly in the Bridge Bar, tell him I said to buy you a drink. (He might not. But, you can tell him!) Have a great week at CRS, and remember, it’s an Educational Seminar!

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