Wow. April sure didn’t last long, did it? In just a couple of days, it will be May 1 – which means we are in the heat of the spring! With that said, as you might imagine, the record companies are rolling out some of their best material, and as always CDX has you covered! Here’s a rundown of 594…..


It’s a tough three-way battle to be recognized as the “Jewel” of 594, but in the end, we went with one of the format’s most magnetic personalities – who has quite an unforgettable “Voice.” That artist is Blake Shelton, who dazzles with the romantic “My Eyes” from his CMA Album of the Year Based On A True Story. More than any track from that disc so far, this one showcases what a talented singer he is – and also benefits from some outstanding harmonies from the one and only Gwen Sebastian. A sure-fire number one hit!


But, Blake did have his competition……


Kip Moore is back with an incredible new single titled /“Dirt Road.” I would dare say there were many such avenues in south Georgia that the MCA Records star was familiar with growing up. Love his voice, love the writing, and love the production. Could be his best outing yet…


Brad Paisley has shown an affection for songs about this time of the year – and the water lately. We think he’s released his best one yet with “River Bank.” He’s not trying to show how much he can stretch as an artist on this one with a different arrangement…..but this is just simply….fun. 3:05 of it!


And, the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 594 belongs to Texas natives Corey Kane Band with their rollicking new release “Cheating On A Country Girl.” This is one of those cuts that has an undeniable swagger about it that just might take you back to the days of Tracy Byrd and Rick Trevino. Again, it’s simply put….fun. Look for this to be a club favorite!


Well, Joe Kelly is buying lunch….so, I better end this….Until 595, Adios Amigos!


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