It sounds like a broken record, but this year is going by fast. For many of us, this week marks the final one of high school sports with many Baseball and Softball teams playing in their final post-season tournaments. Many of us are looking forward to the upcoming CMA Music Festival….or maybe a well-deserved family vacation. Regardless of what you’re thinking about….or where you’re going this week, CDX 595 has just the hits for you….A look…..


Our “Jewel” of 595 belongs to Eric Church, and his latest “Cold One.” It’s one of the most inventive singles he has released. Just when you think it’s another high-octane rocker….it does a 180 and takes a country turn, and even has a little bit of a New Orleans feel. There’s a reason he’s doing so well….He stands apart from the pack….


We welcome back an old friend on CDX 595 – Blackhawk. Back in the 1990s, they were among the most consistent hitmakers at radio with hits like “I’m Not Strong Enough To Say No” and “Big Guitar.” It’s great to hear that harmony back in style with their latest, “Brothers Of The Southland.”


And, there’s a reward for listening to all of CDX 595. You’ll find our “Hidden Gem” of the disc, “Till It Breaks My Heart,” from Marianne Allison. It’s Country laced with a little twinge of Americana, and believe me, it’s worth a listen!


So, that will wrap it up until 596……..Stay cool out there!


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