CDX Reviews by Chuck Dauphin- VOL. 596


CMA Music Festival 2014 is winding down, and things will be getting back to normal – whatever that is – by mid week. But, the event always tends to give a little bit of a jolt to the business. Usually, you will find – just like CRS that record companies tend to roll out some of their best product this time of year, and it looks like this year is no different! Let’s take a look at the great music that CDX 596 has to offer!


In all my time of doing these reviews, picking this edition’s “Jewel” was tougher than it has ever been. But, you’ve got to choose one….so my pick is…eeny meeny miney moe….(Trust me folks, it’s that hard!) “Shotgun” from Sheryl Crow. The third single from Feels Like Home, this one sounds like it would have been at home on such earlier discs as C’Mon C’Mon. It’s not trying to solve the world’s problems, it’s just a woman (and what a woman that is!) and a guitar. Don’t think about it…Just play it!


But, there was some competition for the crown….like….


Love” from Jana Kramer’s upcoming sophomore album. If you’ve ever been kicked around in a prior relationship, this one will give you hope that it can happen again. This is a HIT record, maybe even a career defining one!


Donkey” / Jerrod Niemann – If it were anyone other than Niemann, I might simply discount this record as just plain dumb. But, he injects the cut with the right amount of swagger and humor. He knows it’s not “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” It’s simply fun. And, sometimes, fun is all you need!


Somewhere In My Car” / Keith Urban – Seriously, does he not do anything that just doesn’t jump perfectly onto the airwaves these days? It’s summer, and it sizzles! Enough said!


And, the “Hidden Gem” of 596 belongs to LiveWire and their latest record “Drivin’ You Outta My Mind.” It’s got a dramatic sheen that lead singer Andy Eutsler handles as well as anything he has ever recorded before. He also infuses the cut with a sobering amount of regret about the past – which makes the track all the more exequisite.


Just a few more volumes till CDX 600. What have been your favorite CDX tracks of all time? A little something to think about!


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