Well, hot off the presses – Here it is, CDX 600. To quote the woman from the Virginia Slims, we’ve come a long way, baby! And, the best is yet to come – or in this case, right here, right now. Let’s dig in to a Hit-filled CDX 600…..


It was a tough decision, but in the end the Jewel of CDX 600 goes to a lady who has been a jewel since she released her first single, “True Lies,” on CDX 156 back in March 1997 – Sara Evans. Her talent is as timeless as her beauty, and her latest, “Can’t Stop Loving You,” a duet with Issac Slade of the Fray, is downright irrestible. It’s a tempo driven number where both artists are in their element – and you can hear it from the start to finish. Evans is releasing some of the best work of her career, and deserves some consideration with this one!


Other big moments on CDX 600 include…..


“American Kids,” Kenny Chesney – Maybe the most musically adventurous single he has released since “The Boys Of Fall,” and though it takes a little getting used to, trust us…you’ll be singing along!


‘Buzz Back Girl,’ Jerrod Niemann – Smooth. Tickles the ivories of the ears. Just fun!


“An Affair To Remember,” Ray Price featuring Martina McBride – Two powerhouses at different spots in their careers, but the result is the same – perfection!


“Good On You,” Native Run – There’s a lot of hype on this new Show Dog – Universal act, and sometimes that can work against an act. Not here. A hit!


And, in the “Hidden Gem” section, I pick a couple of songs that showcase how unique the format is right now. Michael Scott returns with the fun “Radio Song,” which works well for the summer airwaves, and Scott kicks it vocally on the cut. And, who can resist a song about radio? Also, it’s a little bit off the beaten musical path, but Danika Portz has released a masterpiece with the totally intriguing “Greatest Show On Earth.” While she paints outside the lines, that’s a good thing. If her music can get heard by the right people, this could be one of those acts like The Civil Wars or Norah Jones, where you might see her name in a Grammy category sooner than later. She’s that good, folks. Trust me!


And, that puts a wrap on CDX 600……Onto the next 600, shall we?




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