Chuck Dauphin’s CDX 572 Reviews

Three very distinctive talents shine brightly on CDX 572. An “American Idol” alum, a highly respected duet, and one of Nashville’s top songwriters. Who stands the tallest on this edition? Read on….and find out!

The Jewel of CDX 572 belongs to a “newbie” to the CDX family. Well, sort of. Chris Stapleton has written some of the biggest Country hits of the past few years, but Mercury wisely offered him a recording contract, and the result is the soulful “What Are You Listening To,” which (surprise!) he co-wrote. You hear people complain about artists who are musical soundalikes? Chris Stapleton is not one.

Other tracks worth checking out include….

“Barefoot And Buckwild” is the newest single from Lauren Alaina. It’s got a definite edge – one that the Georgia girl handles well. It will definitely strike a chord with her young fan base.


“If You Ever Get Lonely” is another fine showcase for the air-tight harmonies of RCA duo Love & Theft. These guys have been rolling out hits since signing with Nipper’s company, and this stunning vocal showcase should be no different.


And, the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 572 belongs to newcomer Rob Baird and his latest release, “Dreams And Gasoline.” Hailing from Memphis, the singer possesses a personality all his own. The song, which was recently featured in “Nashville,” has a definite swagger – one that Baird handles in fine fashion!


Well, that’s it…..For CDX 572, this is Chuck Dauphin, signing out.

Keep it Country~

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