CDX 581 is out and about, making its’ way to the desks of Music Directors everywhere. It’s a busy time of year at most radio stations, with football season (for some) about the fade into the history books, as the sales staff gets ready for basketball. The CMA Awards are just around the corner, as are some big-time releases in November. Of course, there will also be some Christmas music coming – like Trace Adkins and Restless Heart. Let’s dig into the newest volume, and see what Nashville has up its’ sleeve!


Several in the industry might very well have had their doubts when it was announced that Sheryl Crow would be releasing a Country album. But, Feels Like Home definitely lived up to hype as you guys made “Easy” a big record for the Kennett, MO native. She’s back with the second single from the disc, and the power ballad “Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely” gets our nod as the Jewel of CDX 581. I would put her vocal up against anyone out there right now, as this song requires some singing, and Sheryl Crow pulls it off – and then some!


Other standout cuts on 581 include


“Compass” / Lady Antebellum – For the CMA Award winners to release a single that wasn’t on their CD Golden, you have to figure it was something very special. The lyrics of their new single seemed to hit each member right between the eye, and I think it’s going to have that same effect on listeners, as well. One of their most organic arrangements, look for this one to help sell a few copies of the deluxe edition of Golden – which hits stores in November.


“Somewhere Between” / Taylor Made – Last spring, the family trio took home the Music Row Indie Artist award, and they have done nothing to slow down in 2013. This has a definite fire to it, that they handle well!


“Dance With The Wind” / Mike Aiken – Our favorite ocean cowboy rolls out another enjoyable tune with a track that just makes you feel good. Light and easy – just like an ocean wave on a sunny afternoon!


“Best Seat In The House” / LoCash Cowboys – A totally different directions from two of Country Music’s wildest guys. It’s their first total ballad, and the emotion just seems to drip with each line!


And, the competition for the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 581 was fierce, but I’ve got to hand it to new trio The Stickers. A brother trio from Pennsylvania, these guys really set themselves apart with their soulful approach. I really liked this one – a lot. And, I think you will too!


Well, I am going to go celebrate a Dallas victory that gets them to 3-3. Wow, it doesn’t take much to get me, does it. Till next time, so long ‘Country Bumpkins!’ RIP, Cal Smith!

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