Summer is here officially now, and Nashville is enjoying (?) some of the hottest temperatures of the season. CDX 573 falls right in line with some great tracks. With only one major label track on this edition, we’ll do things a little differently, and look at four of the cuts that you need to be spinning…..

“Carry Me Back To Virginia” – After becoming a little bit more known by the mainstream world after Darius Rucker covered “Wagon Wheel,” this Americana group continues to dazzle with a song that is a little Country, a little Bluegrass, and a whole lot enjoyable.

“Footprints On The Moon” – Tracy Lawrence has given Country radio some top-level moments, and I love the feel of his latest. It’s Country, but got a current edge that he handles well!

“Angel Eyes” – Jason Sturgeon – Remaking the classic 1988 Jeff Healey Band track might be a risky move, but Jason Sturgeon handles it with ease. Give this one a listen!

“Gonna Give You Praise” – Doug Newnum and SOS Renewal give radio something we haven’t gotten in a while – an original Gospel flavored track. If you play Gospel on your station, give it a chance!

“Hey Girl Hey” – North 40 has talent, looks, and swagger. Should be a crowd favorite.

And….the Jewel of CDX 573 belongs to….The Blue Sky Riders and their latest single “Feelin’ Brave.” Comprised of Pop / Rock legend Kenny Loggins, and ace songwriters Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr, the talent is without question….and the harmony on this one is absolutely sublime!


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