Well, September is here. Over the next few months, you are going to see some of the biggest stars in Country Music with some major releases. A lot of that excitement begins with the release of CDX 578. There’s some very good tracks on here, but in my humble opinion, there’s one track that shines head and shoulders above the rest….Let’s take a look inside!


The ‘Jewel’ of 578 is “Slow Me Down,” the latest release from Sara Evans. There’s nothing about this record that I don’t love. She’s never sounded better, but the production adds another layer to the track. It’s definitely on the Pop side of Country, but more of a Dolly Parton or Barbara Mandrell single from 1983 than today. If this doesn’t put Sara Evans’ name back in the upper echelon of female vocalists in the format, there is no justice in the record business!


Other noteworthy cuts on 578 include…


“Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me,” Hunter Hayes with Jason Mraz / Two of music’s most dynamic talents join forces for a song that will have you singing along before the end. A cool melody that  you won’t be able to get out of your head.


“Hey Bully,” Morgan Frazier – We all have them, and the new single from one of the format’s top newcomers will have you cheering by the end of the song. Empowerment for us all!


“I Hold On,” Dierks Bentley – Riser, his upcoming disc on Capitol is going to surprise a lot of fans, with some of the deepest music of his career. This song is one of his most potent tracks he has ever released, and if you’ve ever had to deal with multiple life-changing events at once, you’ll identify!


And, there’s quite a bit of competition for the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 578, but I’ve got to give it to a guy who’s been at it for a few years, Jason Mitchell, and his infectious new single “Stomp.” There’s swagger, tempo, attitude, and a lot of talent.” Enjoy!

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