October is just a few days away. Autumn officially arrives over the weekend, and the great music seems to be coming in as quickly as the leaves will be falling from the trees in just a few weeks. Let’s dig into CDX 579, and see what Nashville has on the oven top.


The Jewel of the Disc goes to a man who is synomonous with great music – Gary Allan. “It Ain’t The Whiskey” has that ultra-dramatic flair that the singer has long since perfected, and for our money, we love the steel that provides the aching longing during the track.


Other standout moments on CDX 579 include


“Radio Up” / Steve Holy – OK, You know we in the industry love a song that mentions radio in it. But, this is actually one of Steve Holy’s best vocal performances yet. His voices soars into an Orbison-esque stratosphere as the chorus bounces along. A definite hit.


“She’s Running” / The Lacs – You think you know the Lacs? Well, think again. This song balamces their hip / hop flavor with a traditional feel. Give it a chance. Your listeners just might like it.


“Take The Keys” / Leah Turner – The folks at Columbia have a definite star on their hands. She’s Country, but there’s a soulful delivery the newcomer has that works well! She’s one to watch.


And…the “Hidden Gem” of CDX 579 belongs to South Carolina native Brad Long and his latest, “Every Heart Has  A Different Road.” Sometimes, new artists still have some growing to do. Trust us when we say, he’s ready. His range is excellent, and the production is tight…Give this one a serious listen!


That’s going to wrap it up for me this time….Have a great week, everyone~

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