Country Artist Tim Sweeney Takes to America’s Airwaves to Promote Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month

Country Artist Tim Sweeney Takes to America’s Airwaves to Promote Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month
Singer Credits Son with Down’s Syndrome for Inspiring His Music Career
Tim Sweeney is accustomed to radio stations playing his music.  But throughout October, Sweeney has taken to the airwaves to promote awareness for something with which he has a deeply personal connection: Down’s syndrome.
“My son Timmy has Down’s syndrome and autism,” says Sweeney, “so Down’s syndrome Awareness Month is important to me.  When he was a baby, he would just light up when I sang to him and over time I would come up with rhyming lyrics and melodies. I wrote all the songs on my album while singing to Timmy to help him fall asleep.”
During October, Sweeney will appear on radio stations across the U.S. to talk about how Down’s syndrome has affected his family. Here’s a list of his radio appearances:

October 17

Seattle, WA
October 21
IRN (Information Radio Network)
*Nationally Syndicated
October 22
Issues Today Radio Network
*Nationally Syndicated
WOCA-AM 1370
Ocala – Gainesville, FL
October 29
Lifestyle Talk Radio Network
*Nationally Syndicated
KCTE-AM 1510
Kansas City, MO
October 30
KXFN AM 1380
St. Louis, MO
November 5
WFSU-FM 88.9
Tallahassee, FL
November 8
WRGA-AM 1470
Atlanta, GA
Sweeney’s song, Baby I Try For You,  is climbing the country music charts right now.
It’s the first single off his debut album, This Time.  You can also view the video for Baby
I Try For You
on, The Nashville Network (TNN) and on the ZUUS Country television network.  The video – believed to be the first-ever music video to include American Sign Language – features shots of Sweeney interacting with Timmy. The video’s popularity has ZUUS Country looking for ways to better service the deaf and hard of hearing communities through its music video programming.
Sweeney’s love of music traces back to his boyhood in Illinois, where it provided an
escape from poverty.  He later graduated from University of Michigan Law School, and spent years climbing the corporate ladder, handling legal matters for several prestigious clients.  At the height of success, Sweeney left his law career to devote all his time to caring for Timmy. He hopes his music will spark conversation about Down’s syndrome, not just during Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month, but year round.
“Unfortunately, there are those who don’t understand the purpose of children with Down’s syndrome or other kids with disabilities when compared to typically developing ones,” says Sweeney.  “A great parenting lesson I’ve learned with Timmy is to love him for the person he is – and inspiration is a big part of who he is.”
Oil House Records recording artist Tim Sweeney brings a new level of passion to country music, with his uncanny vocal versatility.  He delivers an impressive tenor performance when the song calls for it, but also boasts an impressive baritone lower register that punctuates his songs with power and personality.  At the height of his career as a highly sought-after attorney, Tim left his law career to devote all his time
to caring for his disabled son. 

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