GrassRoots Promotion Launches Syndication Division with Radio ReHab with Dana Williams

GrassRoots Promotion announces the launch of their radio syndication division with the syndication of Radio ReHab with Dana Williams. GrassRoots Promotion’s syndication division is in partnership with CloudCast Radio, a radio programming distributor and media agency serving radio stations in any size market.

Radio ReHab with Dana Williams is a lively three-hour program that focuses on Country music from the 90’s and beyond. It is hosted by Grammy-winning Country band Diamond Rio’s Dana Williams and includes behind the scenes stories, artist drop-in interviews, new music features, never-before heard song demos and much more. The program will be offered as a market exclusive in any size market on barter.

GrassRoots Promotion Managing Partner Nancy Tunick says, “We are thrilled to bring exciting new content to radio stations in any size market in a truly ‘grassroots’ initiative through our partnership with John and Heidi Small and CloudCast Radio, and particularly excited to launch that initiative with ‘Radio ReHab with Dana Williams.’ Dana brings the iconic music of the 90’s and other classic sounds to life with a true behind the scenes mentality and an improvisational style that will excite listeners.”

Radio ReHab with Dana Williams will premiere on the air across the country on December 10th, 2016. GrassRoots Promotion’s Rick (RJ) Jordan is leading the syndication initiative and can be reached for more information at or 615-335-0718 or go to