JB and the Moonshine Band Displays support For 2nd Amendment Rights In New Single, “Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45”

JB and the Moonshine Band “Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45” Single Artwork

(Nashville, Tenn. – May 6, 2015) – Country group JB and the Moonshine Band are taking a stand on their 2nd Amendment rights and displaying a firm position on the controversial issue with their new single, “Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45.”

The single, written by band front man JB Patterson, is a lyrical statementSUPPORTING one’s individual right to carry a firearm and the right to bear arms. The group is very outspoken about their stance on the topic, and felt a calling to share their views on 2nd Amendment rights with Country music fans across the country.Of the new track, JB Patterson comments, “We believe that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, meaning we can’t take our freedoms and liberties for granted. We must watch over the basic rights we have and take appropriate measures to ensure they aren’t undermined. ‘Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45’ is our attempt to emphasize the need for such vigilance, with regards to the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The song is about our inalienable right to bear arms, but perhaps more importantly it’s about our responsibility to be aware of (and speak out against) any power that seeks to take away our basic freedoms.”

The self-produced track was recorded at Red Wasp Studios, housed in Patterson’s 100-year-old log cabin near Tyler, TX, and will hit Texas radio on May 26. “Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45” will also be available forDOWNLOAD on iTunesAmazon and other major digital retailers the same day.

“Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45” is the debut single off the band’s forthcoming album, Mixtape, which will be released June 30, 2015. The release will mark the follow-up to the band’s previous albums, Ain’t Goin’ Back To Jail and Beer forBREAKFAST.

No stranger to album success, JB and the Moonshine Band’s 2012 release, Beer forBREAKFAST, was named one of the Top 5 ‘Country Albums of the Year’ by Rolling Stone Magazine. The band’s previous releases produced six Top 10 singles and three consecutive No.1’s on the Texas Billboard Chart. Additionally, JB and the Moonshine BandCONTINUE to tour heavily, and are slated to play the 1000th live performance of their career this year. The past two years, the band averaged 175 live tour dates per year in over 40 states, all while writing and producing the new album.

JB and the Moonshine Band formed in 2009 when singer-songwriter JB Patterson decided to give up his advertising career and start a band. When JB coordinated an open call audition in Tyler, TX, only three people showed up. Coincidentally, once he heard them play, he realized that he couldn’t have hand picked a better band himself. The four-piece band is comprised of drummer Gabe Guevara, guitarist Hayden McMullen, bassist Chris Flores and lead singer JB Patterson, who also plays guitar. The newly formed ensemble wasted no time and threw together a PA, rented a U-Haul van and started taking any gigs they could find throughout East Texas.

Now, in their sixth year together, JB and the Moonshine Band have gained national attention from their partnership with the nation’s largest legal moonshine company, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, who is the band’s biggest sponsor and provided the group with a co-branded tour bus wrap, hence the bus’s clever name, “Ole Smoky.”

For more information on JB and the Moonshine Band and a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit their official website at www.JBandtheMoonshineBand.com, and follow them on FacebookTwitterand Instagram.

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JB and the Moonshine Band Photo credit: Matthew Hogan