Joanna Mosca Reflects on Her First CMA Music Festival



by Sterling Whitaker

New York-based country singer Joanna Mosca attended her very first CMA Music Festival last week in Nashville. Looking back on the whirlwind experience, she says, “It was like Disneyland for country music lovers.”

The singer was in town to promote her current CD, ‘Let It All Begin.’ Her busy week included taking part in the opening day parade, as well as signing autographs in the Chevy booth, where she encountered a line that took an hour to clear. “I never imagined folks would wait that long just to meet me,” Mosca says in a press release. “But it was very flattering.”

She also performed at several different events, including an acoustic rendition of her current single, ‘I Guess That Says It All,’ at CMR Nashville’s International Acoustic Show and another appearance at the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau Stage. “Folks had obviously had a good week, enjoyed some great music and were enthusiastic about my songs,” Mosca states.

The entertainer took the opportunity to stop by the studios of Zuus (formerly TCN) to offer her thanks in person for keeping her debut country video, ‘Dream On Savannah,’ in their rotation. The clip has also been viewed on YouTube 200,000 times. “It’s touching how many emails I’ve received from young girls who heard me sing the song last week,” Mosca shares. “It has a powerful message that is really reaching people and that is so gratifying.”

Mosca says she is already planning to return to Nashville for the 2014 CMA Music Festival.

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