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Nashville, TN –Paul Lovelace, CDX President, announces the promotion and appointment of Joe Kelly to Vice President/General Manager at CDX.  Kelly, who was instrumental in the launch and branding of CDX in the 90’s, had recently rejoined Lovelace with the concept of taking CDX into a digital platform.

 “Joe has the vision, expertise and enthusiasm to keep CDX at the forefront of our 23 year tradition of providing new music and information to the worldwide Country Radio and Music Communities,” says CDX President Paul Lovelace.  “For the past year, Joe has lead the efforts of many in redesigning the CDX website, creating an outstanding home page and download center – very convenient and easy to navigate.  Along with our bi-weekly CDX Disc service, all past and current volumes are now available for radio station downloads. Additionally, CDX INSTATRACKS make a single release available to radio instantly at the download center whenever our client wants it made available, down to the minute.”

 “CDX has been a key player in exposing music to the masses for over 20 years, and now I am excited to help expand that platform and bring new digital ideas to radio stations and our label partners,” says Joe Kelly.

In addition, Music Directors have the option to hear new releases “on the go” with the CDX Smart Phone Application.

Paul Lovelace

About CDX:

CDX is a company designed to provide new Country music single releases to radio stations playing Country Music. Since 1991, every other week, CDX compiles new releases from major record companies and selected independent record labels to one CD. Those CDs are then mailed to just over 1700 radio stations in the United States, 350 international outlets and major internet radio stations.  In addition, all CDX product is available through our Digital Download Center and can be previewed through our smart phone app.  CDX is the world’s most comprehensive delivery system of Country music product.

Reach Paul Loveless at paul@cdxcd.com

Reach Joe Kelly at joe@cdxcd.com

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