Lucy Angel
Discovering Lucy Angel, a 13-episode docu-series about Lucy Angel‘s journey within the crazy world of Country Music, debuts on Netflix Monday, August 1st. With 83 million subscribers across 190 countries, Netflix allows viewers around the world to follow the country music trio and their family, the Andertons, as they work together to launch their music career in Nashville.

The docu-series initially aired on AXS TV as the networks’ first original docu-series in early 2015. The UK network, SHOWBIZ TV, also aired the show in the spring of 2016. The cast includes daughters Lindsay, Emily and their mother Kate Anderton, who together form the Country Music trio Lucy Angel. The series also features father and band manager Doug (aka G-Man), sons Fletcher and Jake, hit songwriter Anthony Smith, Anthony and Lindsay’s daughter, McCartney, and the family’s two adorable dogs, Faith and Hope.

“What do you get when you add three talented blondes, country music and lots of sass together? Mother-daughter trio Lucy Angel and the perfect recipe for a reality show.” –Fox News

“This is a great way to see, as a family, what makes them tick, what holds them together and the struggles they go through to follow their dream and eventually land among the stars of country music. This isn’t just another reality show, this is their reality and the reality of trying to make it in the business.” –Lovin’ Lyrics

“Hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and raw talent combined with a tenacity that rivals The Jackson’s. Meet Kate and daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton, along with brothers Fletcher and Jake and the wildcard, father and band manager Doug (aka G-Man), who is an energetic cheerleader, hustler and mover and shaker, securing all kinds of deals for his women.” – Monsters and Critics

“It’s the story of a family. Regardless of what they do for a living, the family dynamics are something I love. The fact that they are all working together toward this one goal is endearing, and there’s also a lot of comedy that can be had from that. Everyone is playing their part, and there are squabbles over some of the decisions, and to me, that’s where the entertainment comes from.” –JT Taylor
Discovering Lucy Angel is produced by Taylored TV and Eggplant TV. The series is executively produced and directed by Emmy® Award-winning television producer JT Taylor, who is well-known for producing the original hit reality television series, The Osbournes. Eggplant TV’s Terry Tompkins’ also stands as an executive producer for the show.

Season 2 is currently in development but fans are able to keep up with the ladies of Lucy Angel on their brand new vlogging channel, Life With Lucy Angel. The trio will be hosting new vlogs every Thursday and Saturday. Throughout the vlog, fans can get an inside look into the day-to-day lives of Kate, Lindsay and Emily while they spend time in the studio, at home, traveling, touring and simply being a fun-loving family. Watch the vlog here.

For more information, visit their website; go to their Facebook page; Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @LucyAngelBand.