Martina McBride recently released her new single, “Reckless“, under record label Nash Icon. Now, the music industry veteran has announced her thirteenth studio album of the same name.

Reckless will become available for public consumption on April 29th, boasting ten tracks that McBride is eager to share with fans.

This album feels so good! That’s the best way I can describe it. I spent a lot of time finding songs that felt personal to me. I figure if I can relate to them someone else will too. There are songs about love, life, hope, loss, leaving, and coming home, and that’s what making this album felt like to me…coming home. We took our time and just let the songs and production develop and even though working with Dann and Nathan together was a new experience, somehow we captured a sound that feels like the music I’ve done my whole career and yet fresh at the same time.


Reckless Tracklisting:

1. Reckless
2. It Ain’t Pretty
3. Just Around The Corner
4. Everybody Wants To Be Loved
5. Low All Afternoon
6. That’s The Thing About Love
7. The Real Thing
8. Diamond
9. We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off
10. You And You Alone