One may know new country artist Mitch Goudy for having a #ROWDIE side in his previous chart-topping singles. This time, he manages to inject emotion and longing into the release of his next single, My Girl’s Hand. Goudy shines on this song with great delivery and emotional performance about lost love.
But you seem so happy
After all that was my desire
I just thought I’d get to hold you
To think I do that now I’d be a liar
…But there’s one thing wrong with that man
Yeah, he’s holding my girl’s hand.
This heartfelt country mid-tempo ballad is the latest release from Goudy’s album, #ROWDIE, which will be impacting radio and officially going for MusicRow adds Thursday, February 19, 2015. Program Directors can find it on CDX #611, which was just shipped.
My Girl’s Hand was written solely by Goudy and portrays a softer side of him that you haven’t heard before. With previous hits that debuted on the MusicRow Chart, Blow These Speakers Out and Ain’t My Fault, you can find these tunes on his latest album as well.
Following a successful groundbreaking year, Goudy has been called “the new Brad Paisley” and “one of country music’s bright new stars.” He also recently infused fashion with country music with a STRUT Apparel deal – a high end fashion label that is taking the industry by storm.  He also did a #ROWDIEPARTY fan video contest and awarded the winners with their own #ROWDIEPARTY in their hometown.
Hailing from the cornfields of southeast Iowa, Mitch grew up with a sense of pride about who he is and a strong notion of what he believes. His interest in country music began when he first picked up a guitar after suffering a traumatic knee injury that would forever limit his ability to play sports. His dad bought him that first guitar, put it in his hands and said, “Let’s see what you can do.” At that moment, Mitch found his passion and never gave up on it. Since then, he’s been rocking stages large and small across the country. For more information, visit www.MitchGoudy.com, www.goudysrowdies.com and Facebook at www.facebook.com/MitchGoudy.