Radio Audience Hits All-Time High published this article on August 4th.


It turns out that radio still gets results.


Amid all the changes in television and digital media, a report from Nielsen released Tuesday found that radio’s nationwide audience reached an all-time high during the second quarter of 2015.

According to Nielsen, about 245 million Americans ages 12 and up used radio during the that span.

It was a continuation of an upward trend for radio, which has seen its national audience swell to record highs in each of the last two years. In the first quarter of this year, radio eclipsed television as the country’s top reaching medium.




CDX is proud of the fact that we ‘super-serve’ country radio and the industry on behalf of our clients.  Not only do we service ALL US country radio stations – including the reporters. Additionally, we service:

  • 300 Classic Country and variety stations who play “some country”
  • Major internet radio stations, programming services and satellite companies
  • Trade magazines and country radio programming consultants
  • Record companies, publishing companies, booking agencies and music industry professionals
  • Through a partnership with the Country Music Association we service the CMA International member DJ’s/presenters throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

We received some very helpful information from an extensive call-out campaign to radio in 2014 about how they want to receive music.  We learned that the vast majority of stations still want the hard copy CD.  We also learned that they don’t want their inbox flooded with individual digital e-blast of singles so we developed a weekly digest blast containing the singles coming out on the next CDX CD.  I guess you could say it’s the digital version of our long-popular compilation CD.

CDX continues to evolve.  Our mission as a company is to be a proactive partner helping our artists and label clients, as well as our friends at radio, meet the challenges and opportunities of these interesting times in our beloved music business.