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On July 3, 2013, our world as we knew it was changed forever. My husband, Jackie Roach, was involved in a life-changing accident. While driving a tractor on Hwy 45 N at the speed of 18mph, he was hit from behind by a semi-truck going approximately 70 mph.  He was thrown from the tractor and we did not expect him to survive.

He was airlifted to the MED in Memphis and suffered many serious injuries. His left arm was  amputated,  both lungs collapsed, he had 10 fractured ribs, a broken shoulder, broken vertebrae in his neck and back, a facial fracture around his eye and a fractured skull.

For the next week as he lay unconscious, all I could think about was how the girls and I needed him and how we were not ready to say goodbye.  All I could do was cry and pray. The next few days were unpredictable. We were not sure if Jackie would make it through this tragic accident and we were told by the doctors that if he did survive they expected him to be in the hospital at least 3 months.

Jackie is a fighter, and selfishly, we are thankful God was not ready to call him home.  After 18 days in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit, Jackie was sent to in-patient rehab. He is now at home, but we have to go to numerous appointments weekly.  He is currently in physical and occupational therapy 3 days a week and he has frequent physician appointments to monitor his progress.

Jackie is 42 years old and we have three girls ages 2, 13, and 17. We are facing substantial medical bills and he will need ongoing medical care, possibly for life. Daily we are receiving multiple bills from the doctors, radiologists, and medical facilities, along with other bills.  As you can imagine losing his arm along with the other injuries has drastically affected him and our family.  He is currently unable to work and I have had to take a family medical leave to care for him. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and if you are unable to make a donation please lift our family up in prayer.



Christie Roach

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