CDX Nashville artist SaraBeth was recently a guest on Bowling Green, KY’s WGGC‘s Moose Lodge during “Write a Song Wednesday.” With her musical partner, Glen Mitchell, along side her, SaraBeth penned a song called “Girl Scout Cookie Monster,” based on a random topic given by the radio station.

SaraBeth and Glen had less than an hour to put together a song they thought would rally the troops and get them to bite, and the result was exactly what the pair had hoped for. Garnering almost 300,000 Facebook views and thousands of shares, SaraBeth caught the attention of the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee and was invited to perform for the organization on April 28.

Girl Scout Cookie Monster” is a song I wrote with Glen Mitchell, live, in studio at WGGC in Bowling Green, KY and they gave us a random topic and we had less than an hour to write the song and it’s crazy because you never know what will resonate with your fans. I wrote a song about Girl Scout cookies and people absolutely loved it.  There’s been thousands of shares and nearly 300,000 views which is just insane but really exciting at the same time.  I’m just glad everyone loves Girl Scout cookies as much as I do.

To see SaraBeth perform “Girl Scout Cookie Monster,” visit her Facebook page by clicking here.