CDX Nashville Volume 631 Track-By-Track Review – By: Jen Swirsky

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CDX Nashville Volume 631 is on its way to country music radio stations everywhere, and this is a versatile collection of songs that will find airplay success. Among the artists on the disc are the reigning Entertainer of the Year; a two-time Number 1 female; the man with the longest running chart-topping streak in genre …

CDX Trivia Question ~ Friday, August 29th

QUESTION: Who collected a record-breaking TEN nominations for the 36th annual Country Music Association [CMA] Awards on this date in 2002? Was it: [a] Dwight Yoakam, [b] Alan Jackson, or [c] Toby Keith?                                             …

CDX Trivia Question ~ Wednesday, May 14th

  QUESTION: Complete the title of the Alan Jackson album released on this date in 1991. “Don’t Rock The ——-.” [a] Boat, [b] Cradle, [c] Jukebox, [d] Clock.                                                       …