CDX Nashville Volume 630 Track-By-Track Review – By: Jen Swirsky

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CDX Nashville Volume 630 is making its way around the nation to country music radio stations everywhere. Included on the disc are a handful of Number 1 artists; one of country music’s “it girls”; a YouTube sensation; a crossover phenomenon; and several newcomers making their way to the forefront of the industry. Needless to say, …

Brothers Osborne’s “21 Summer” Is the Most Added Song to Country Radio

Congratulations to Brothers Osborne for having the most added song on country radio this week. “21 Summer“, which can be found on CDX Nashville Volume 630, was shipped to radio following the Number 1 success of the brothers’ “Stay A Little Longer“. Co-written by John and TJ Osborne and Craig Wiseman, the new single can …