CDX Nashville Volume 632 Track-By-Track Review – By: Jen Swirsky

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CDX Nashville Volume 632 is on its way to country music radio stations across the United States, and this volume is quite plentiful and purposeful. Garnering twenty-one tracks, Volume 632 contains many major label artists, No. 1 frequent flyers, independent game changers, and brand new faces. We are confident that this Volume will yield countless …

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QUESTION: In September 2005, who had a hit with “Who You’d Be Today,” a song in which the narrator describes how much he misses a person that has passed away?                                                   …

CDX Vol. 574 ~ Single Reviews

CDX 574 is now on your desks, and judging from the sound of the music on it, needs to be in your computers or CD players. There’s a lot of great material from Music City to choose from. Let’s dive in and take a look! “All Kind Of Kinds,” Miranda Lambert / Some of you …