CDX Nashville Volume 630 Track-By-Track Review – By: Jen Swirsky

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CDX Nashville Volume 630 is making its way around the nation to country music radio stations everywhere. Included on the disc are a handful of Number 1 artists; one of country music’s “it girls”; a YouTube sensation; a crossover phenomenon; and several newcomers making their way to the forefront of the industry. Needless to say, …

CDX-citement: This week’s recap of all things CDX

MONDAY This week, we had JB And The Moonshine Band singing, Shotgun, Rifle and a .45, as our CDX Featured Video of the week!   Sign-in to our download center to get access to Shotgun, Rifle and a .45 (CDX VOL 617 – TRACK 15) The CDX Featured Video changes weekly. Be sure to check-in …