Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood To Embark On Australian Tour

CDX Nashville artists Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood will be joining forces and traveling Urban’s native land together in December 2016. With dates throughout the final month of the year, the soon-to-be duet partners (“The Fighter” off Urban’s Ripcord album) will be stopping in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and Brisbane as part of their tour. …

Carrie Underwood Gets Big Birthday Gift From Radio

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Carrie Underwood celebrated her birthday last week, and this week the celebrations continue. One of the leading ladies of this generation has her twenty-third Number 1 hit as of today with “Heartbeat“, as well as her thirteenth Number 1 as a songwriter. “Heartbeat” also marks the second single off Underwood’s  most recent album, Storyteller, to …