Execution is the art of getting things done. It involves adopting the right policies and procedures to help you close the gap between what you want to achieve and what you deliver. But many musicians and business people fail to execute, and as a result, they never get to that next level of their careers. You make beautiful music that your team works hard to promote but fall short of seeing these plans through effectively. What’s the saying about that tree falling in the woods?

We at CDX have been guilty of this; we have a great product – we super-serve radio on behalf of our clients – we go the extra yard. Yet, we learn every day of people who don’t realize what all we offer…and managing that message better is our responsibility – not the industry’s.

I want to share some more great information with you from an October 7 and a December 23, 2014 Sonicbid’s blog about better accountability through measurability posted by Bobby Borg, author of Music Marketing For The DIY Musician: Creating and Executing a Plan of Attack On A Limited Budget (September 2014).

Measure your marketing

Many artists repeat the same promotional strategies without clearly knowing what is and isn’t working. In other words, they have no systems in place to determine whether the social media ads they’ve placed or the flyers they’ve handed out are getting results. A simple question like, “How did you hear about us?” when communicating with fans can provide valuable data that could save you a great deal of time and money. Using services like Google Analytics (to track the number of hits you get on your website) can also provide useful information about your marketing effectiveness. Just remember that working hard is not enough. You must work smart by constantly measuring and adjusting your marketing strategies.

What to measure

You can measure virtually anything you want. For instance, measuring your customers’ awareness of your brand, and whether you’re at the top of their minds when discussing a certain category (such as “local bands in LA” or “studios in Nashville”) can be helpful in determining the success of your public relations strategies. Measuring your fans’ attitudes about your products and services can easily help you determine their level of satisfaction with you and their likelihood to recommend you to friends and family. And paying attention and measuring how well your products and services perform in each of your distribution outlets can help you see where you’re generating the most sales and where you’re wasting the most time.

Sounds like a great deal of work, doesn’t it? But its work we all need to do and a laptop, Excel software, index cards, and some free online tools might be all you really need. If you’re an independent artist, get some fans to help. If you’re a music industry professional with a small business, get some interns to help.

Okay, as promised, introducing our new bi-weekly Beat & 3 from Rich Eckhardt.

It’s hard to define the elements that are of most importance in a touring musician. What is it that is most coveted by a major label recording act when he is looking for his sideman? Is it your ability to whip out Van Halen like licks on your guitar while juggling 2 machetes and a flaming torch? Or perhaps your flair for dressing like Keith Richards when you show up for catering? Although image and talent are vital fundamentals in the life of the road dog, one of the most important skills you can develop to maintain a career in the music business is learn the correct parts! Working with an artist is not the time to stretch your innovative chops and demonstrate to everyone how far outside the tonal center you can live without coming up for air! You need to learn the song the way it is played on the record and your job as a sideman is to reproduce that night after night with passion, authority and conviction! That will keep them calling you back again and again. Learn more about Rich at www.richeckhardt.com/.

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