Video for Kent Wells Artist’s Debut Single Now Available to Fans

The long awaited video for CDX artist Tony McKee’s single “Lightning Bugs” debuts today on popular country blog site Roughstock.

“The song has all the imagery of my childhood – much of which I think most people can relate with,” said McKee of the single, which he performed for us just a week or so ago. “The big back yard, the slip n’ slide, the Bazooka gum and Tonka trucks… An inside view for fans to my past. We wanted to capture all of that in the video production, so we essentially through a huge BBQ and filmed it. Like the song, the video is fun and lighthearted. I’m so thankful Roughstock is behind it and willing to run with it.”

The video was directed and produced by Phil Ortiz and Tyler Ross and can be viewed here.

“Lightning Bugs” was featured on CDX Volume 633, and can be downloaded here.

Check out a live performance of the song from our offices here.