Following their 2014 reunion, duo Trick Pony have digitally released their highly anticipated new EP, PONY UP, via Sony Red. Comprised of Heidi Newfield and Keith Burns, the twosome have taken their experiences, both in the studio and on the road, to dial in on the exact sound and style they always knew they were capable of creating. Produced by the legendary James Stroud, the project features 5 brand new tracks. PONY UP is available now on iTunes and other digital retailers.

Newfield explains: “PONY UP is a really upbeat preview of the more dynamic and versatile songs that are to come.”  Burns continues, “I’m so excited for everybody to hear the new music. I believe Heidi and I caught some real magic in the studio with some great musicians and legendary producer James Stroud.”

The release attracted national attention from The BootCountry Weekly, and more.

Digital Rodeo proclaims: The new EP lives up to everything Trick Pony is known for.  If you have ever seen a Trick Pony show, you know how much life and energy they put into their music live, and in the studio… it is amazing.  Heidi and Keith’s harmonies fill up each song, making you want to sing a long. “

PONY UP  (2016 Permian Records, LLC Distributed by Mansion Entertainment)


  1. Everybody Wanna Be Us
  2. Feels Like That Again
  3. Give It To You
  4. Turn This Heart Around
  5. Hard Rain Soft Kisses (Acoustic)
  6. Hard Rain Soft Kisses (Electric)

ABOUT TRICK PONY: If there’s one thing Trick Pony knows when it comes to music, it’s how to stay relevant in an ever-changing business where many come and go. The longevity of the band, founded by both Heidi Newfield and Keith Burns, has them continuing to run the gauntlet with their creative minds, high octane live show, and the heart to deliver their best music yet. Trick Pony reformed as a duo in 2014, where they have been steadily building a new full-length album bringing back an enhanced and current version of what put Trick Pony on the map in the first place.

In 2001, Trick Pony became one of the most talked about new acts in country music. They cranked out several hits including their self-penned debut single and still ever catchy “Pour Me,” followed by “On A Night Like This,” “Just What I Do,” “On A Mission,” their Top 20 cover of Bonnie Tyler’s 70’s hit “It’s A Heartache” and more. They released three albums, both on Warner Brothers Records and then on Curb Records during that time frame. Trick Pony (2001) On A Mission (2002) and RIDE (2005).