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Texas troubadour, Pat Waters, is garnering great feedback from radio for the second single from his latest EP, Like A Radio. The title track from this project is following the success of his first single, “Crazy That Way.” “Like A Radio” recently landed the #17 spot on the New Music Weekly Chart. Pat has a style that his sound can back up. Whether he’s two stepping with his fans during a packed show or serenading you with an acoustic ballad, Pat Waters showcases his southern values and classic charm to sold out venues every weekend. Radio stations across the country couldn’t get enough of, “Crazy That Way” and the same will hold true for, “Like A Radio.” You can listen to the latest single here.

“If you’re a fan of Texas artists, Like a Radio is a song definitely worth listening to” –Michael Johnson, Program Director KZKS

“A song title “Like a Radio” is a natural for a Country Station, especially when it has a listener pleasing, medium-up tempo and a clean clear vocal by Pat Waters in the tradition of George Strait. Add the hot guitar lead to the more traditional country lyric and you know Pat Waters “Like a Radio” is really a natural.” –Ken Bass, Program Director KALH

“The song is working great for us. Any song that mentions the radio is worth a play on our station and Pat Waters’ song is worth repeated spins.” –Mike Betten, Music Director KLMJ

Pat picked up the guitar at age 20, playing at VFW’s, regional oprys and small clubs, wooding the hearts of country music fans throughout the southwest. He has released nine CD’s, made Texas Music Charts and even scored a #1 hit in the European market earning him the Terry Award’s Male Vocalist of the Year Award in Texas. Pat has also performed on stage with country legends such as Merle Haggard, John Conlee, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Bush, Gary Stewart, Keith Whitley, Gary P. Nunn and many others.