Well we couldn’t blow our wad and give you all the great email marketing stats in one fell swoop last week so here are a few more.


  • 66% of US online consumers, ages 15 and up made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages.
  • Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails.
  • Over half of businesses achieve over 10% of total sales through email marketing.
  • And some good suggestions from research on the ever-important SUBJECT LINE.
  • Nearly one third of email recipients open email based on subject line alone.
  • Crazy subject lines generate opens but will damage subscriber relationships. If you use a subject line such as “Free booze”, you better actually offer free booze.
  • An exciting subject line that gets someone to open an email but leaves them with nothing special in return can have a negative effect on your business in the long-term. Why would a subscriber open your next email if they no longer trust you?
  • Using “Alert” or “News” or “Bulletin” in subject lines significantly boosts open and click-through rates.
  • Using “Daily” or “Weekly” in subject lines boosts open and click-through rates whereas “Monthly” hurts open rates and CTRs.
  • Using the words “Sale” or “New” or “Video” in subject lines boost open and click-through rates.

Takeaway: The key to higher opens and click-through rates is consistency (daily or weekly), urgency (alert, news, bulletin), and special offerings (sale, new, video). Don’t get sucked into using crazy subject lines unless they deliver as promised. Run A/B Split Tests for subject lines when sending emails (easy with us).


  • Almost half of subscribers are inactive on an email list.
  • Over 20% of marketing emails never make it to a subscriber’s inbox.
  • Email open rates are noticeably lower on weekends than on weekdays.
  • Sending four emails in a month instead of one significantly increases the number of consumers opening more than one email.
  • Removing subscribers who have not engaged in over a year instantly increases your deliverability rate by 3 to 5%.
  • Less than 1 in 2000 subscribers mark an email as SPAM.

Takeaway: Clean out your email list every few months and avoid sending on weekends. When selecting email marketing software, make sure deliverability is solid.

Source: https://expresspigeon.com/blog/2014/01/06/email-marketing-statistics-2014/

And now….Beat & Three from Rich Eckhardt.

If we didn’t have clocks would time exist? I’ve heard stories about one superstar, mega talented, eccentric musician in particular that does not believe in the concept of time. He doesn’t wear a watch and therefore everyone is always waiting on him. That strikes me as “offbeat” if you will pardon the pun….especially since music is based on beats per minute! I know on some level deep down that superstar, mega talented, eccentric musician knows that time is not limited to Einstein’s theory and that time actually does exist. The bottom line for him is he shows up when he wants and leaves when he feels he’s hung around long enough. That works for him because he’s the top dog in his camp. Unfortunately until you yourself become such a famous superstar being on time is an indispensable quality in a musician. If bus call is at 8:00 that means you should get there by 7:45 with your gear stowed and ready to roll at 8:00. If rehearsal is set for 10:00am be set up and ready for downbeat by 10:00am. If you show up at the given time and everyone has to wait on you to set up or settle in you are now detracting from the gig instead of enhancing it. Remember that everyone on that bus and in that rehearsal is someone that will potentially be looking for a player on some gig somewhere. They will be more likely to call the guy they know they can count on. The impression you make on them will determine if they call you or someone else.

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